Belgrade – Szeged transfers (both directions)


Ride on this relation is done as a private transportation. Picking up the passenger is done at the desired address of the client ( Hotel, airport .. )

Ride on this relation Belgrade – Szeged is very quick, safe and reliable. Additional suitability at this ride is that it’s with a passenger car and you are the one who decides exactly where and when, like the time and place of a break during the ride if it’s needed. Apart of the Taxi the price is decided on in advance. Paying could be done over PayPal ( in advance ) , for individual persons , paying is done through Halkom ( for companies ) or in place with the driver. For every service after the payment, you will get the contract of the ride and receipt through E-Mail.

In case you’re in Szeged for the first time or Belgrade, we would like you to take beautiful and unforgettable memories and adventures. Because of that we are suggesting you places you should consider visiting:


  • Mora Ferenc Museum
  • Szeged’s Windmill
  • Zoo
  • Bridge of Sigh
  • Musical Clock
  • New Synagogue
  • Museum of salami and peppers
  • Craft of beer in Maltese Garden
  • Water tower of St. Istvan


– Kalemegdan ( Belgrade Fortress )

– Skadarlija

– Church of St. Petka in Kalemegdan

– Botanic Garden

– Aquarium and tropicarium

– Nikola Tesla Museum

– Museum of Illusion

– Avala tower

– White Castle

–  Ada Ciganlija ( Belgrade False Lake )

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