When Planning A Trip To Novi Sad


As I said in previous post, when you are planning a trip to Belgrade, in this post we will write ‘’ When Planning To Trip to Novi Sad ‘’ and write about Novi Sad and why you need to visit it.

Novi Sad


When planning a trip to Novi Sad, people are usually exploring, why visiting and all interesting facts about that city. Besides various text about what to visit in the city, the city of Novi Sad offers you also the application for your mobile phone, under the name ‘’ Novi Sad Talking ‘’ – alternative tourist guide.

When it comes to meaning of Novi Sad, everyone first thought of the Exit, the festival which became synonym for Novi Sad and give it a seal of recognition. The festival Exit is traditionally held in July and lasts for 4 days, then the same number of visitors, visit the same number of tourists as the city itself has inhabitants, but beside those 4 days, the city that lives and the other 361 days of the year.

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, after Belgrade. It is much smaller than Belgrade, and is diametrically different, it again gives the impression of the metropolis. Unlike Belgrade and Belgrade residents, who live 100km per hour, Novi Sad and its citizens are slow but arrive in time, the city lives 24 hours, but it is light pace. In addition to cultural sights, multicultural environment, diversity of nightlife, its nature will delight you. Novi Sad lays on the bank of the Danube river and the slopes of the Fruska Gora mountains, which give its incredible charm.

Novi Sad as the European Capital of the youth and the future European culture for 2021 will offer you a lot of interesting, history, architecture, incredible nature and a handful of festivals, entertaining  culture and artistic content.

Novi Sad is famous for its festivals:

  • The Festival of Love ( February )
  • The Festival of Sport Underworld ( March )
  • The Festivals of Modern Dance ( April )
  • The Festivals of flavor, coffee, chocolate and books ( May )
  • Tamburica Fest ( June )
  • Exit Festival ( July )
  • The Festival of street musicians ( September )
  • Tesla Fest ( October )
  • The Smile of the Lantern ( is in my opinion the most important as the humanitarian character for helping children in October )
  • Winter Festival ( December )

For every taste, Novi Sad is worth visiting because of its architecture, way of life, people who make it unique. I would like bring you Novi Sad from my perspective and describe the places you would want to visit.
We are moving from the center of the town where there is the Liberty public square, where all important events of Novi Sad are to be found. On this site next to the monument of Svetozar Miletica, the town house is dominated by the town house and the cathedral church. At the end of the street there is Vladicin’s palace – the most indifferent building, built next to the Orthodox cathedral, going by the pedestrian zone through Zmaj Jovina Street. In addition to many churches in Novi Sad, there is one of the few Synagogues in Serbia. The next step leads you through the Danube Street, the street of an unbelievable set leads you through the Danube Street, the street of incredible architecture, which for a moment makes think you get a feeling of being at the sea side. On this street there are also the Museum of Novi Sad and the Museum of Vojvodina, on the walking trail continues the main city park – the Danube Park, the paradise for children. Until recently, the main inhabitants were the two swams Isa and Bisa. In the winter, it completely changes its look and turns into an ice forest. Decorated with numerous lights and with an ice skating rink. In the centre of the city there is a street by the name of Laze Teleckog , narrow street of stone like at the sea side in which you could find cafes next to each other, it is the most famous street by it’s amazing night life.

The river that gives a special charm to the city, also represents the runaway of the city life. The most popular place on the river is Strand Beach, fully equipped with lounges, bars, sports fields, childrens content. Another place on the river is the Fishermen or a fishing island. When the summer comes all the nightlife moves onto it, a lot of rafts, restaurants, which, during the day is for rest and enjoyment, when the night falls on it, night parties begin.
Petrovaradin fortress – one of the main attractions of Novi Sad for the elders known for the fact that Eugen Savojski overtook the Turkish Army and for the youth it’s because of the famous Exit festival. From it you can see the city and bridges – symbols of Novi Sad. In addition to taking a look at it, it offers the possibility of exploring underground tunnels with professional guides.

For lovers of food and nature, we recommend Salas ( places in which you will feel like you’re at the country side ) in the vicinity of Novi Sad, just a few kilometers away from the town, you will come across a complete set of Vojvodina villages and try some of the traditional Vojvodina’s dishes, if you like fish, fish soup and other fish dishes go down the river. If you are not perfectionist in terms of food, stay in the center of the city where all European foods can be found.

Take advantage of the private transfer from Belgrade to Novi Sad , even if you want to visit Novi Sad for a day and you’re staying in Belgrade. Places around Novi Sad also have great potential, Fruska-Gora – Mountain for recreation, Taking in nature, runaway from the city noise. On its slopes is also spa Vrdnik, vineyards, wineries, wine roads, monasteries. Sremski Karlovci, known for its oldest and first Gymnasium, sightseeing, wineries and vineyards, churches ( Church of the Sneza Lady –  According to the tradition, on the site of the present church there was a medieval Christian chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which the Turks demolished in 1526. In the 16th century, the Turks built a wooden minaret and a small stream with two dervishes, after which it was named (in Arabic: a resting place). After the Turks left, in 1687, Petrovaradin became a center for soldiers, traders and farmers. The first members of the Jesuit order in the city come in 1693, where they do not capture preserved medieval Christian churches. On 26 January 1699 Karlovacki peace was signed. Before the church of St. George in Petrovaradin was built at the foot of the Petrovaradin fortress, the Jesuits were forced to use the abandoned Tekke mosque, which they had redecorated into the church and brightened the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. )

If at least this post has interested you to visit Novi Sad, take advantage of one of the offers from Belgrade – Novi Sad or other destinations from which you want to get to the Novi Sad.

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