Timisoara – Belgrade airport transfers


Timisoara – Belgrade transfers – why to choose us?

Transportation of passengers on the Belgrade – Timisoara transfers route is done as a private transfer or as shered transfers ! Fell free to contact us and shedule a transfer on your wishes and needs!Passengers arrive at the desired address / airport. Timisoara – Belgrade transfers route is done by a passenger car, which shows the time spent on the road in contrast to other modes of transport.

The trip on this route lasts for an average of three hours. An additional benefit for this type of transport is that you yourself determine the time and place of departure as well as possible breaks during your trip. Our drivers will give you maximum comfort during the trip, you can get information about the city and ask everything you are interested in. Our cars have a wifi, both in the country and abroad, which makes it easier for you to travel.

When booking Timisoara – Belgrade transfers, if a driver arrives for you at the airport in Timisoara, it would be good to indicate the flight number for easy tracking. Payment is done via PayPal ( in advance ) for individuals, through Halkom , for companies ,or on place with the driver. For a service or payment on E-Mail, you will get a driving contract and confirming that you paid for it.

If you are staying for the first time in Belgrade we would like for you to bring beautiful experience from Belgrade. That’s why we are giving you a list of places to visit:

  • Ada ciganlija
  • Skadarlija
  • Museum of Illusion
  • Knez Mihajlova street
  • Kalemegdan
  • Church of saint Sava
  • Aquarium and tropicarium
  • Botanic Garden

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