When planning a trip to Belgrade

trip to belgrade

When planning a trip to Belgrade ,people usually explore what is interesting in a city a country to visit. On our blog we will write about a destinations that are offered as well ,as the interesting thing you can visit and current events.

Transfers that we exclude from the offer are:



Belgrade-Novi Sad


The first city that we will write about is Belgrade. In the coming period ,we will present each city to you and regularly inform you about events in cities . Belgrade-Timisoara-Szeged-Novi Sad and the other interesting destinations.


Belgrade is located at the mouth of two rivers ,Sava and Danube, which divides the city into two parts .old and new Belgrade. Belgrade ,once the capital of Yugoslavia today Serbia is know as the capital of good parties in the Balkan. But Belgrade is more then a city of entertainment .His position ,at the crossroads of the east and west ,gives him a special charm ,history and culture. Many comes to him in order to experience his spirit .It also includes passengers traveling through Belgrade, to a specific destination. He was pierced by him charm and returned to Belgrade to experienced all his charm! Many people from neighborhood come came to extended weekend ,tourism is constantly on the expansion .

The only problem is the connection of Serbia with public transport with countries in the region .With the help of private transfers people come to our town or our country .So people often choose private transfers Timisoara-Belgrade,Belgrade-Timisoara,Belgrade-Szeged,Belgrade-Novi Sad and other destinations in surrounding countries.

He diverse culture, history and entire life stile will surely not leave you indifferent . Here are a just a few reasons why you should visit Belgrade.

Knez Mihajlova street ,the main promenade in the center of the city that reflected the old architecture with many shops , restaurants and bars . The street leads to the Kalemegdan park ,dominated by the Klamegdan fortress ,which offers an incredible view of the two rivers ,Novi Belgrade and Zemun. From it are seen the riverboats the synonymous of the night life of Belgrade, for which people are leaving Belgrade it under great impression .

The bohemian quarter Skadarlija ,she kept the old bang in which the influence of Turkish culture, filled with cobblestone ,is still files old vintage ,unlike modern Belgrade. With many cafes and restaurants ,with different music still ,as well as the food that Belgrade places in a high position .At each gourmet leaves an indelible mark even on the most picky palate.

Sava Mala today artistic chasers the center of nightlife ,centered Belgrade center .The place where history is broken. It is the firs place where on which Belgrade come outside the walls od the Kalemegdan fortrees.

In addition to food, nightlife and shopping Belgrade offers many people who love peace, tranquility and nature. Belgrade can be viewed from an open bus, rent a bicycle or a rent a private driver( for those are not an adventurous spirit or do not have enough time).

Ada Ciganlija a river island on the river Sava, the biggest city beach in which the season searches for peace and enjoying .for over the  100000 people ,has become multi-purpose place .recreation, sports, picnic, place for a children ,as well as various cultural events are going on Ada during the whole year.

The tower of Avala is one of the symbols of the city of Belgrade ,204 meter high and on the 119th meters there is  a lookout and restaurant.

Kosutnjak the Belgrade excursion ,a place for recreation and enjoyment in nature ,extends to 330 hectares and since 2014 it is under the protection of the state .

Tasmajdanski park –this park is located in the center of Belgrade but neverthelles  it represents a synonym for peace, children s play ,recreation and enjoyment .In it is immediate vicinity is the church of St. Marko.

Vracar is today home to about 80 thousant people in only three square kilometers , making it the most densely populated part of Belgrade. There is a National Library , a museum of natural history, a museum of Nikola Tesla, four theaters , a Serbian literary cooperative, sports center. It was once a a place of gathering of writers, actors, boems, and now the place of prestige. Vracar dominated by Temple of St. Sava ,the largest Serbian Orthodox  Temple and the largest in the Balkan.

Parhaps the most important of all are the people who make the city unique ,here you will feel like a home, because of their cordiality and hospitality ! Excellent knowledge of the English language of these people will make your stay in Belgrade easier.

These are just some of the many reason and place why you should visit Belgrade.

AT 90 km from Belgrade there is Novi Sad , a city with unique sharm and soul ,about which will write you in the next post. If you decide to visit it ,at your disposal is a private transfer Belgrade-Novi Sad.